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MovieStats is a service with stats of players of Movie Business game. To use it you must register first. You can do it directly from the game. You can find Movie Business game at official page
Registration from the game Movie Business 2
Registration to the service can be done after creating a new player's profile in the game. Additional comments to this process:
- a valid e-mail address and password must be provided in the profile,
- after a successful registration, your profile data will be exported to MovieStats
- you'll receive an email with an activation link
- after clicking the link access will be granted.
From this point you can log in and take full advantage of all the options available in service.
NOTE: If within 24 hours from registration you will not receive the activation e-mail please read this information.
General Information
 MovieStats service allows you to compare your stats and achievements with other players.
In particular, it provides:
  • - Online BoxOffice which is list of the best films made by players in different game modes
  • - Comparison of scores from Challenge mode (global and for specific challenges),
  • - Best trophy hunters with option comparing trophies with other players,
  • - General statistics for each game mode,
  • - Overall statistics about movies, awards, Box Office,
  • - Ability to add new crators who are missing in default set,
  • - Ranking of most active players

Last added creators

dave grohl mus.jpg Dave Grohl music star
arthur hiller dir.jpg Arthur Hiller director

Last activated players

  US Tori 2024-07-22 03:55:10
  GB Dan 2024-07-15 03:07:37
  PL Arkadiusz 2024-07-14 22:09:23
  DE Koko 2024-07-13 14:37:20
  PL Daniel 2024-07-12 22:35:26

Last earned trophies

 Bronze Screenwriter Arkadiusz
 Bronze ??? Arkadiusz
 Bronze Film sympathizer Arkadiusz
 Bronze Carlos Saura M K
 Silver Apple M K
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